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Welcome to 1 Coffee, for all things coffee related. This website is for people who want to know more about coffee, whether you want to make your own cloth coffee filter, or buy the very best coffee maker, this website aims to help you. So sit back with your favorite coffee and take a look through our pages.

Coffee was probably first drunk during the 1400's in monasteries in Arabia, then spread to Europe. It has had a checkered past, being banned in some countries at certain periods. It is now grown in over 60 countries, with the largest production found in Brazil.

The coffee we drink starts out as berries, which are picked and sorted. Then the seeds are removed from within the berry. It is these seeds that we know as coffee beans. The seeds are fermented, then washed and dried, and this is the point at which the beans are known as green beans, which can be purchased and roasted.

Roasting your own coffee beans is becoming very popular, and there are many coffee roasting devices available. The most basic way of roasting coffee beans is in a large pan, such as a wok, on the stove top. Although with this method it is hard to achieve consistent roasting. Most people prefer to purchase a purpose made coffee roaster with which they can control the roasting to their own requirements. Once roasted, coffee beans should be kept in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. If vacuum packed, roast coffee beans can stay fresh for long periods

Once roasted the coffee beans need to be ground. Once again, there are several ways of doing this, from mortar and pestle to coffee grinding machines. One such machine is the burr grinder that is popular as it evenly grinds the coffee and size of the ground coffee can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Then it's ready for brewing. At this point, you will not be surprised to learn that there are several different ways of brewing coffee, each with its own pros and cons. Several different methods of brewing are mentioned in the pages of this website, each resulting in its own unique coffee.

With so many choices at each step in the production of a cup of coffee, the result leads to a large variety of different coffee drinks for us to enjoy. And it doesn't stop there, as once you have your coffee you can add your own personal touches. Not only can you add milk and sugar, but nowadays you can also add flavors to make your own signature cup of coffee.
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Coffee Maker Cleaner
Tips on how to clean a maker with what you probably already have at home

Wooden Coffee Stirrers
Everything you want to know about wooden stirrers

Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets
These machines work best when kept clean, and cleaning tablets offer a simple solution to ensure your perfect flavored cup

Coffee Measuring Spoons
To make that perfect cup every time then getting just the right amount is required

Coffee Scoop Measure
A scoop measure is a great accessory to have in any kitchen, and helps with getting the same flavor time after time

Coffee Bean Suppliers
Different tastes come from different areas, so picking the right supplier can make a big difference

Costa Rica Coffee Beans
Costa Rica has been providing the world with quality beans for a long time so we can all enjoy the delicious taste

African Coffee Beans
All about African beans, and the different types that you may like to try

Kenya Coffee Beans
For some of the finest beans available in the world, try tasting beans from Kenya

Colombian Coffee Brands
Colombia has got the climate and altitude to create truly first class beans

Organic Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopia is one of the major producers of beans, especially organic beans

Coffee Frappe
A great way to enjoy your favorite drink in a cool refreshing style

Locally Roasted Coffee
Support your local roaster by buying locally roasted

Coffee Dark Roast
There are many benefits to the dark roast including the wonderful full flavor it produces

Dark Roasted Coffee
Dark roasted not only tastes great but has other benefits including lower acidity which can be beneficial for your health

Gourmet Bean Coffee
Gourmet beans are worth searching out for its outstanding quality and taste

Freeze Dried Coffee
The process of producing freeze dried is a wonderful invention that we can all enjoy

Fair Trade Coffee Beans
Fair Trade is a movement that aims to partner with farmers to make life better for the farm workers

Flavored Coffee Beans
Beans can be flavored after they have been roasted to provide a spectacular taste from a wide spectrum of different flavors

French Roast Coffee Beans
French roast beans are roasted in particular way that produces a great drink with a smoky taste

Low Acid Coffee Brands
There are several produces of low acid beverages, and the brands are discussed here

Espresso Coffee Blends
When it comes to blending espressos, there are so many options that there is bound to be one for everybody

Instant Coffees
As these are so quick to prepare, they have become a very popular choice of beverage

Premium Coffees
Premium beans are worth the extra expense for the more satisfying flavors

Low Acidity Coffee
Low acidity can be beneficial for many people, and there are several suppliers of excellent low acidity options

Airtight Coffee Containers
When it comes to storage, keeping out the air is important to keep it fresh

Coffee Bean Canister
The way the beans are stored is important if you want to keep them fresh

Vacuum Coffee Storage
To help keep the flavor, store in an air tight container, or better yet, in vacuum storage

Sugar Free Syrups For Coffee
There are many sugar free syrups to choose from including almond, peppermint, vanilla, chocolate to name only a few

Coffee Creamer Flavors
If you are looking for some extra flavor to liven up your favorite drink, then creamer flavors may be just the thing for you

Coffee Flavors
There is a flavor for everyone, with a large range of different options available

Stainless Steel Coffee Cups
For durable quality cups, select one made from stainless steel

Coffee Cup Holders
There are times when you just can't hold your cup yourself, which is where cup holders can be a great help

Espresso Coffee Cups
How to go about choosing and buying espresso cups

Iced Coffee Cups
Using the correct cups is an essential part of enjoying your iced drink

Thermal Coffee Cups
There are many points to consider when choosing which thermal cup is the right one for you

Heated Coffee Cup
There is no need to quickly drink your drink to avoid it becoming lukewarm, as you can use a heated cup

Latte Coffee Cups
Latte cups can be used as a part of fantastic promotional campaign for your company

Coffee Cup Tree Stand
For when you have limited cupboard space, want to show off your cups, or just want to have them handy

Decaf Organic Coffee
Organics are becoming very popular, and there are some available with the caffeine removed

Decaf Instant Coffee
For the quickest way to enjoy it without the caffeine, instant decaf is the choice to make

Decaf Flavored Coffee
Decaf can taste just as good as the real thing, and it can also be flavored to add a little extra to the taste

Organic Decaf Coffee Beans
Caffeine can be removed from organic beans to produce organic decaf beans

Thermal Coffee Carafe
A thermal carafe will help keep your drink hot until you are ready to enjoy it

French Press Coffee Pot
These are simple inexpensive devices that can brew beverages just the way you like them

French Press Coffee Makers
French press makers allow for a smooth flavor that is simple to produce

Replacement Coffee Carafe
If you have a favorite maker, and the carafe breaks, you are going to need to find a replacement carafe

French Press Coffee Mug
There have been many wonderful inventions, and this is certainly one of them

Coffee Pump Carafe
Great devices for making and keeping it warm until you are ready to pump it out to your cup and enjoy it

Best French Press Coffee Maker
Push the plunger down and make the best drink, and here are the top 3 to consider

Dark Wood Coffee Tables
For a classic beautiful look go for a dark wood table

Cherry Wood Coffee Tables
What better place to enjoy your drinks than around a cherry wood table

Wood Slab Coffee Table
A wood slab table would look exceptional in many homes

Wedding Favor Coffee
What better wedding favors than those you can enjoy the day after while remembering the special event

Coffee Berry Skin Care
Berries are a great source of antioxidants, which can help to protect your skin and keep you looking good.

Coffee Bean Eye Cream
A great way to help with those dark circles some people get around the eyes

Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream
Organic bean eye cream can revitalize the skin around the eyes

Gift For Coffee Lovers
There are lots of gifts out there, so there should always be something that would make the perfect gift

Hand Coffee Grinders
Grinding your own beans is essential if you are looking for the perfect taste at home

Coffee Mill Grinder
Being able to grind your own beans means you can get the freshest taste possible

Espresso Coffee Grinder
There are two main ways of grinding beans, using blade grinders or burr grinders, but which is best?

Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder
Grinders made of stainless steel should prove to be durable, strong and long lasting

Robot Coffee Pot
Is the Brewbot really the robot pot of your dreams?

Capsule Coffee Machines
Capsule machines allow you to easily make your favorite brew very quickly and conveniently

Latte Coffee Machines
When getting a latte machine, should you get an automatic or manual latte machine?

Stainless Steel Coffee Urns
Urns can be made from many different materials and sizes

Large Coffee Urns
If you're going to get a urn, then carefully consider the size and all the options that are available

Programmable Coffee Makers
Modern living is full of great items, such as programmable makers, which can be programmed to have your drink made just as you wake up.

Stove Top Coffee Makers
Many people reckon that stove top makers make a better drink than other types of makers

Coffee Cappuccino Maker
When it comes to making a great cappuccino, picking the right maker can make a big difference

Coffee Maker Robot
Wouldn't it be so much easier if there was a robot that could make you a perfect beverage every time

Robotic Coffee Maker
The robotic maker is a unique hot beverage system that can brew different single serve drinks

Barista Coffee Maker
A fully automated maker that produces your drink in only a few seconds

Best Single Cup Coffee Makers
Why brew more than you need? Single serve makers will let you make one perfect drink at a time

Coffee Robot Maker
Press a button and get your favorite drink made exactly the way you like it every time!

Single Brew Coffee Makers
Single brew makers have made creating the perfect drink an easy and quick achievement

Instant Coffee Makers
Instant makers are made by several manufacturers, and they come with various options

On Demand Coffee Makers
On demand makers can provide you with your favorite beverage whenever you want it

Pour Over Coffee Maker
As the name suggests, pour over makers make the drink by pouring water over the grounds

European Coffee Makers
Do you think that European makers can make a better cup than other makers?

Coffee Maker Urn
When arranging refreshments for a group of people, then an urn is a necessity

Fast Brewing Coffee Makers
There is no need to wait as there are fast brewing makers that can make your drink quickly and easily

Vacuum Coffee Pot
The vacuum pot is for people who prefer aromatic rich brews, and who doesn't like them?

Vacuum Coffee Brewer
First invented back in 1840, the vacuum brewer is still around and working well

Percolator Coffee Makers
Some percolator makers can be used over an open fire which is ideal for camping, while others are more suited to the home

Coffee Filters Paper
Never worry again about how much filters cost, as they are very inexpensive

Electric Coffee Pots
Electric pots are convenient and quick, and they are becoming more and more advanced

Electric Coffee Percolators
The percolator has been around for centuries and is still used to make great tasting beverages

Stove Top Coffee Percolator
Hints on using a stove top percolator to brew a fantastic beverage

Best Drip Coffee Maker
With a drip maker you can simply make your drink, and they can come with many different features

Syphon Coffee Maker
Syphon makers have been around for a long time, and are still being used today

Cold Coffee Brewing
Cold brewing is becoming a popular alternative to the regular hot brewing, but how do you do it?

Drip Coffee Machine
Find out why drip machines have been popular for a long time

Manual Drip Coffee Makers
By using a manual drip maker you can control lots of different aspects of the brewing process, and create your own perfect drink

Cold Drip Coffee Maker
A wonderful machine to make cold drinks just the way you like it, and enjoy it the same way every time.

Cloth Coffee Filters
There is no need to use disposable filters, as cloth filters do the job well, and can even be made at home

Personalized Coffee Travel Mug
Personalized travel mugs can be a wonderful gift, both to give and receive

16 Ounce Coffee Mugs
Why are the 16 ounce mugs so popular? Here are some of the available options

Tall Coffee Mugs
There are many reasons why you might prefer to drink your beverage from a tall mug

24 oz Coffee mug
There are many advantages to the 24oz mug, and some designs to look out for

Coffee Mugs With Lids
There are a lot of options when it comes to lids on mugs

Monogram Coffee Mugs
Putting a monogram on a mug is a great way of creating a personalize gift

Reusable Coffee Sleeves
Get yourself a customized reusable sleeve that will last you forever

USB Coffee Mug
These great mugs can help keep your drink hot just by plugging them into your computer's USB port

20 Ounce Travel Coffee Mug
All you need to know before you go out and buy yourself a 20 ounce travel mug

Heated Travel Coffee Mug
When traveling you can keep your drink hot by using a heated travel mug

Pod Coffee Machines
Pod machines may come in many different varieties, but they will all quickly serve up your favorite drink

Cheap Coffee K Cups
There are several companies making K cups, so you can compare prices and find the best one for you

Espresso Coffee Pod
Espresso pods make it so easy to make the perfect espresso every time

Iced Coffee K Cups
There are many companies that make iced drink K cups, so there will be a favorite brand available for everybody

K Coffee Pods
What a marvelous invention K pods are! For making great tasting drinks very quickly, this is one of the best options

Commercial Coffee Roasting
Commercial roasting provides large scale roasting facilities

Coffee Roaster Equipment
There are lots of different ways of roasting beans at home, and there is equipment that can help

Gourmet Coffee Roasters
When it comes to gourmet roasting, this can be done at home using roasting equipment

Best Coffee Roaster
There are different types of roasters available, but which one is the best?

Small Coffee Roaster
If you are brewing at home, you will probably need a small roaster to achieve your desired results

Top Coffee Roasters
Roasting can be considered more than a skill, to many people it has gone beyond that and is more of an art form

Home Coffee Roasting Equipment
Roasting beans at home means you can make the freshest drink just the way you like it

Hot Air Coffee Roaster
Hot air roasters provide an easy way to roast beans by using the hot air to rotate the beans

Buy Coffee Roasters
When making your own beverages at home, roast the beans yourself

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